Good Nutrition Ideas announces the company’s first nutrition app, My Meals My Way, launching in January, 2024!

December, 2023

My Meals My Way is an inclusive and straightforward, customized meal planning app based on science. Director of Innovation and Development, Dr. Kathy Humphries says, “We know that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and My Plate are good, standard healthy nutrition guidance. But most folks need more help to get from that advice all the way over to a meal plan that works for them. My Meals My Way helps you turn “‘My Plate’ into Your Plate.”

The My Meals My Way app will launch in January, 2024 for iOS mobile devices in the App Store. It is priced at $3.99 per month, or a year subscription for $39.99. Try it for free for a month, and start planning your own tailored meals.

GNI’s My Meals My Way app was developed with a diverse Community Advisory Board, ensuring that it meets the needs of people with disabilities, many cultures, and all adults. Support for the development of My Meals My Way came from the App Factory at the Shepherd Center and the Oregon Office on Aging and Disability. 

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