Who We Are

GNI founders, Drs. Kathleen Humphries and Bethany Rigles, are committed to providing accessible, inclusive, and culturally responsive nutrition products. We bring together our decades of experience in nutrition, health, research, disability, and equity to address issues related to poor nutrition in our communities. We have a passion for improving health – one meal at a time!

Kathleen Humphries, PhD (she/her)

Kathy is the nutritionist. She is a national leader in nutrition and disability with 20+ years of experience in the development of culturally competent, accessible nutrition supports for vulnerable adults. Her goal always starts by listening to the people and making the nutrition fit to them. She lost the box she was thinking outside of years ago.  

Bethany Rigles, PhD (she/her)

Bethany is the sociologist. She specializes in health and well-being, especially related to the experience of those at the intersection of race/ethnicity and disability. She has over 15 years of experience working with both BIPOC and disability communities in research and educational settings. Her goal is to bring people together, elevating community voices and strengths, to solve individual- and systems-level health problems. She loves finding new ways to think about the same old problems!