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MENU-AIDDS Materials and Education on Nutrition for Adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities)

MENU-AIDDs is an organizing and management system for all elements of the food life of a
small, supportive group home for adults with disabilities. MENU-AIDDs was awarded Best
Practice in Disability by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and continues to be
held up by the Disability and Nutrition community as an inclusive, responsive, people-first
program. It has been tested nationally in dozens of group homes, showing significant
improvements in:

  • quality of menus
  • dietary intake
  • weight management
  • secondary conditions related to nutrition

Acceptance ratings from group home managers and staff, as well as agency administrators have been excellent. In research studies, homes’ grocery costs over six months after implementing MENU-AIDDs showed no increase. Acceptance ratings from group home residents were excellent too, including more engagement in the food system and better appetites. 

We are currently developing MENU-AIDDs for digital dissemination and use in family and group home settings.

The My Meals My Way app is available now! Check it out with a free month trial here.* Please contact us if you would like to receive an alert when MENU-AIDDs becomes available.

Visit our Nutrition Resources page for tip sheets and additional nutrition-based resources.

*Note: My Meals My Way is currently available for iOS devices in English only.