Good Nutrition Ideas partners with Special Olympics North America to promote inclusive nutrition education at the USDA’s SNAP-Ed

April, 2023

GNI announced that they will be working with Special Olympics International in their North America Inclusive Health division to make substantial changes to the accessibility of nutrition education services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In a multi-year and multi-partner project, GNI will be tasked with understanding the barriers to access and positive outcomes for children and adults with IDD in the State and local SNAP-Ed nutrition programs.

Over 41 million people are eligible to receive nutrition education and support from the US Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education, or SNAP-Ed. SNAP-Ed is the nutrition education arm of the large Federal food program, variously called SNAP, Food Stamps, EBT and others, depending on the State. It is available to all lower income Americans who qualify for the SNAP food benefit program. However, research indicates that people with IDD do not participate in this important public health nutrition program at the same levels as people without disabilities. 

GNI has a mission to make positive impacts at the systems level to improve and ensure access to the most nutritionally vulnerable communities, including people with disabilities. All GNI programs, services, and products are created to be broadly inclusive and effective for all. 

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