Good Nutrition Ideas secures new grant to explore communities’ needs for nutritional health technology innovation

August, 2022

The new grant from the Oregon Office on Aging and People with DIsabilities was awarded to Good Nutrition Ideas (GNI) to both assess needs and propose innovative solutions for them. The Innovation Award is targeted to the State’s older adult and disability communities, two populations that historically have unmet food and nutrition needs.

Already, survey results from over 200 older adults (OA) and people with disabilities (PWD) and their caregivers has revealed that OAs and PWDs experience health and daily living complications that influence personal food habits and have more non-nutritious meals and food practices. Dr. Bethany Rigles of GNI says, “We are seeing evidence that older adults and people with disabilities are seeking out customizable ways to include more nutritious food into their daily lives.” 

Watch for GNI’s public health nutrition approach in the coming year for filling the service gaps discovered with inclusive, practical ways to address the food and nutrition challenges.

Preliminary data collected in Oregon and throughout the US (see the Figure 1 below) indicate that Older Adults, People with Disabilities, and their Caregivers are concerned about getting balanced, healthy, safe meals that address their health conditions, for themselves and others, such as their family members.

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